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Monday, May 25, 2009


Hot hot hot! People complaints of hot wheater everywhere, even doing housechores made me sweating wet! Heat bites, thus I prefer to stay inside during office break and catch a little nap ! Yuppp, I was so sleepy at work when clock approaching lunch hour yet is not a sin cathing my beauty sleep for 15 minutes whilst collegues are away...hahaha. Thats always a reason of being disorder, right? Hurmmm...it's nothing else than all these chocolate making at the wee nights....More orders for extended Mothers' Day and few was meant for Teachers' Day too! Quite a numbers of that and it has flushes out all my stock of box of these kind ; until my trip to KL again this weekend! Puas pusing satu Penang tak dak juai kotak ni weh.....!Credit to dear hubby for promoting my craft to his friends...
Part of 50pcs chocolate moist cupcakes with ganache topping and white choc strips also strawberry flavored chocolate swirls. Mariani ordered for her 3 kiddos to take to school for Teachers' Day celebration. Each one has 16pcs in a box, as simple deco as requested. Unexpectedly, received a call from one of the teacher who receive this cake from Mariani's kid, requesting a class for her and her two friends. InsyaAllah-hi biiznillah cikgu, bisa di aturrr...Alhamdulillah.
I use dark chocolate ganache. A little bitter to some, but it was well blended with the sweetness of white C*l8t@ compound, and that simmering strawberry fragrants from C*lat@ Strawberry compound.
Caution: it's edible! My white chocolate rose sprayed with edible rose coloring using air brushing technique. Anyone for hantaran?New chick bites...truffle, chocolate filled gianduja and pailette fuilletines....

Ready in a box.. to MIL with love..

Buah tangan balik kampung and I mean it for her. Macam biasa, anak-anak aku yang tak sabar nak tolong Tok habiskan kek ni!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

To Mom with Love

One of my creation for Mothers'Day, 5 packs of this kind ordered by officemate. All in similar packaging of 9 pcs assorted chocolates by different color of boxes coming with matching ribbons and a pair of tiny roses.
Price: RM 12.00

Monday, May 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy

36 pcs for Dad's Birthday...
ordered by Izan for her kid's daddy..a man of her love who loves chocolate very much, too!
Izan memilih coklat susu dengan filling strawberi dan mocha, juga coklat berkacang campuran badam dan hazelnut rangup. Izan juga suka coklat gelap pudina, menjadikan lima coklat berlainan rasa dalam satu kotak.
Riben hitam yang simple dan macho di hias sekuntum bunga kecil merah menyerlah warna.
Sepuluh biji muffin chip coklat dalam kotak berhias riben pelengkap rasa.

36pcs coklat beraneka RM 40.00
10 biji muffin chip coklat dalam kotak beriben RM 10.00