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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Season Greeting and such...

in between work and home
juggling around reports and recipes
oh....life is not that bad, isn't it...
Allah give us time to make good of it
I'M blessed, Alhamdulillah
moist choc cuppies with milk, white and mint choc ganache

simly yummy.....

Below: vegan orange cupcake with buttercream

Carrot cake with walnut, pineapple,raisin

chocolate cupcake with white choc ganace, mint chhoc ganace and milk choco ganache. ( ganache made from compound choc.

This week 19th ~ 24th Dec:
33 boxes fruitcake for charity drive. I was too clumsy making this order and no pic at all. Tks SRC pixman who'd capture the cake; I will update it later. Updated!
2 boxes season greeting vegan orange cupcake;
A carrot birthday cake with lemon cream cheese topping,
3 boxes carrot cupcake with cream cheese drizzle.
2 boxes season greeting chocolate cupcakes
1 box 49pcs mini cuppies for 'aqiqah
A 9" steamed fruitcake - just a plain looking one but 5hrs steaming does matter
2 boxes of carrot cake

 Thank-you, Smart's friends.

Just a cake!

We did not see them crying but we knew less
If it just a piece of cake can bring them happiness
Tell me why not we cross the boundary,
through race and religion
at this time of giving and sharing                                                                                                                                                                                       
It was a great happiness to see the smiling faces                                                                 
As they’re not stranger

The place where I am working trusted me to bake a fresh cake for the needy.
We went to their places and giving out a little supply to cherish them 
with a little happiness 
in the festive season
no boundary
for charity.