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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tea Time Treats

Menu:         Pandan Layer Cake, Double Chocolate Brownie, Eggless Chocolate  Cake and Mini cuppies.
Occasion:   Tea break for internal training in one of those MNCs.
Customer:   C*******e Catering Sdn Bhd


Budi and Shamin

I received a long distance call from Budi asking if I can deliver a box of chocolate for Shamin's birthday on the next day in few hours time infact! hehehe... being in industrial purchasing more like 15 years I am quite immune with the term of urgency, last minute order, urgent delivery.. etc.. It's ok dear. I can take it InsyaAllah hi biiznillah.
There we go - delivered on hot sunny day to UiTM campus in my vicinity.

Budi is one lucky guy - Shamin is super sweet and soft spoken. Nice talking to you Budi and nice seeing you Shamin. May Allah bless both of you.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I Love Mom Chocolate

Thousand apologies for the quality of picture. Taken by my humble handphone camera!!!

Double Chocolate Brownie

Thank-you Lisza. She took this 2 extra boxes after her first order of a normal sized 8x8. She tought of having half and take another half to her MIL but her dear hubby can't help it. Both is to be taken back to her MIL in Taiping but one is meant for him. A words form her made us a big laugh.." aku la menantu mithali, tak pandai masak, aku beli"... It's OK Lisza, nothing is impossible as long as you want to learn making it. You will do!

18 pcs /box

Helllloooooooo...back in writing

walllaweehhhh.... hahahaha.. what an intro!!!!
Not a pledge, not a promise! I am telling my self to be in again into fun blogging. I have been neglecting SeniCoklat.blogspot.com for ages....
To the followers.. thank-you...

Shot after shot is piling in my photo album, InsyaAllah I will release few, I will share few and I am keeping the other whole lots! I had been doing quite a handsome number actually; and for some reason I choose not to publish them.

InsyaAllah, I am back periodically!